Watercolour origami

As many of you may know, I am a little obsessed by pinterest. I love pinning inspiration for future projects, ideas for food and drinks and general hints and tips. If you want to check out my pin board find me here. You’ll also find a board of my creations which I update regularly.

Recently I was a bit fixated on both watercolours and origami birds, indeed I sit here typing this in front of an origami crane I recently made. The clean sharp lines of the origami and the fluid colours of watercolours juxtapose in a lovely calming way. I’ve seen a few different tattoos with this theme and thought it would work great in cross stitch. I made this card for my boyfriend’s mother’s birthday and I hope she liked it.



I’ve never been the type of girl to follow a pattern. I much prefer to make my own and see where it leads me; I draw all my own patterns onto graph paper first, although I have been known to change my mind mid stitch. I then pick what colours I want to stitch with and get started. However in this situation, due to the fluidity of watercolour which I wanted to replicate, I decided to just plot the bold black lines of the folds onto graph paper. Once these had been stitched onto the Aida I chose my colours, lined them up in the order I thought flowed best and just started stitching. When I thought one colour had run its course I merged into another colour and another until the bird was complete.

Certainly the colours do not flow as they would in a typical watercolour but I think it’s a nice interpretation of the spirit of a watercolour and I rather like it!




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