Little mermaid bookmark

For some months during the year I am rushed off my feet making birthday cards for family and friends and then there are times when I haven’t got a single event to do something for.

All my cards are a specific size and once the fabric bases have been cut out from Aida I am always left with off cuts. One day I was looking at these and thinking what a waste they are when I realised that they are the perfect size for a bookmark! I grabbed some lace from my ribbon bag and edged a rectangle leaving me with a perfect shape and size for a good design.

I thought this would be a great opportunity to have a go at a Disney cross stitch; its such a distinctive style and I thought it would be great practice to hone my design skills. I found a few pictures I like and plotted a final design onto graph paper by eye and got started changing a few colours along the way to accurately reflect the Disney tones. 

Here it is:


What do you think?

I definitely like the black outline and think it makes the whole design “pop”. If I was going to do it again I think I would have to tweak the design and lengthen her tail but for a first attempt I’m happy.

I gave it to a friend from university whose enthusiasm for Disney only just beats her enthusiasm for reading so it went down a treat!



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