The best burger I’ve ever had

Was the honey and rum burger at Brooklyn bar on Call lane in Leeds. It could possibly be the best burger in the world but unfortunately I haven’t done the leg work; it’s definitely the best in Leeds.

The base is a juicy burger cooked to medium. Years ago when I used to work in a bar the chef told me that you can only serve burgers not “well done” if the mince is very fresh. The logic is that the more you cut up the meat the more surface area it has to become contaminated. Believe me you will want a burger cooked medium, the difference is amazing.

The burger is coated in a honey and rum glaze, topped with cheese, bacon and onion rings and served inside a brioche bun. Whoever started the trend of brioche burger buns I salute you.

Here’s the burger:


The picture in no way does it justice. It literally melted in my mouth and I could quite easily have eaten it again. The chips were practically ignored in my quest to devour the burger and that’s saying something considering my obsession with all things potato.

This place is one of Leeds’ hidden food gems. Everyone I have ever taken there have all agreed  that it’s their new favourite burger place. If you ever fancy a truly sublime burger pop down here and you will not be disappointed.



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