All aboard choo choo

Last year a great friend achieved her life’s ambition and became a train driver, so for her next birthday I knew exactly what her card should look like…


I googled cartoon trains and sketched out a design and personalised it for her. She loved it.

Fast forward 6 months and she mentions she’s attending a women’s institute competition and they have a category for best birthday card. Unfortunately I had a prior engagement but jokingly said she should enter the card I made her. She did. And I won!


Here’s my prize and rosette. Yes an actual rosette!!! Haven’t won one of these for years since horse riding and I’m pretty sure green is for 5th? place but I’ll let that one slide. It was a garden themed competition after all.

Anyway I’m well proud and the book will make for great holiday reading. Unfortunately because of my upcoming holiday I’ll be missing the local home fair at home home; I was really looking forward to submitting some more entries.

What have you ever won and been proud of?

Jessica  x x x


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