Postman Pat, Postman Pat, Postman Pat and his black and white cat

Well you’ve got to love the classics don’t you.

Sorry about the delay since my last post…I’ve been living it up in Majorca with the boyfriend. Well back to reality in grey Leeds!

My friend Stephen works for the royal mail and I thought what else would’ve as perfect for his birthday card than Postman Pat?*

I looked up some cartoon pictures of him which are so great to transform into a cross stitch design and then went about personalising it. I added some chunky black glasses and changed the number plate from “Pat 1” to “ste 1” although it is quite hard to make out in the photo.

Here’s the finished product:


It went down rather well and I LOVE the crown on the van!

This was one of those projects where I wish I wasn’t limited to an area 45×45 stitches as I think it is a bit bunched up but these things happen.

As his birthday is on July 4th (America’s independence day) last year he received this gem from me:


I love the bright colours against the dark outlines but all I can when I look at this is the finger which is supposed to be pointing. Why does it look like its been dislocated??? If anyone can assist and tell me what I need to do to make it look normal I would be so grateful!

Does anyone else ever have bits which you just can’t seem to look right?

Jessica x x x

*I did this card in time for his birthday don’t worry…just sharing it late


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