Picasso cross stitch

This is one of my earliest projects but one I have to share with you. I probably did this two years ago and it was my first major project I completed.

Before I properly started cross stitching both myself and my boyfriend painted a few little canvasses with replications of famous paintings (before we had to stop because he was much better than me!) I discovered this painting and it is definitely my favourite.

The good thing I’ve found about Picasso and other expressionist painters is that it is easier to convert into a cross stitch design than the more classic impressionist paintings.

Using a print of of this painting I sketched a design onto graph paper, found matching colours in my stash and started stitching. Here’s the final result:


Things I love about it: the eye, the hair and the flowers.

Things what bug me: the neck is too long and a touch too fat, the arm is too peach rather than a pale blue.

I bought a load of wooden frames from a car boot sale for pennies and upcycled them; painting them a dark beige with a cream over top. A quick sanding brought out the pattern of the frame and that’s it.

Given that it is my first proper design I’m really happy with it and it’s currently hanging on my hallway wall…along with a few other designs I’ve done in the meantime.

What’s been your experience with replicating designs?

Jessica x x x


2 thoughts on “Picasso cross stitch

  1. Gosh, this is gorgeous! I’ve never tried the graph paper method, but I did do a portrait of Marshal McLuhan for my ex-boyfriend last year. I used a photo-stitch program and it worked quite well.


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