Home sweet home

A friend of mine from work moved house a few months ago and unfortunately I’ve been a bit delayed in the card making process.

This has been partly delayed by the fact that she had previously seen my ‘go to’ housewarming card for another friend at work just weeks before.

Here’s my go to design:


So that was out the question.

I then moved onto another design with an outline of a house surrounded by rainbow colours but I really didn’t like that at all and I don’t like giving something I’m not completely happy with.

So I found inspiration/a design from pinterest and stitched the following design:


I think it’s definitely more my style and hers to.

I then started thinking about a housewarming present and I kept thinking about that friends episode where phoebe gives bread, candles, wine etc and thought that I’d do my own personal take on that:


Well proseco is better than wine; potatoes are infinitely better than bread, and garlic is more tasty than salt. I chucked in a few basic tea lights and some chocs and thought it made for a bit of a quirky present. Well it got a few chuckles out of her and she does love proseco so knew I couldn’t go wrong there!

What’s your go to house warming card/present?

Jessica x x x


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