From start to finish: a cross stitch story

My project this week has been a wedding card for a wedding I attended last night and before I started I thought it would be a fabulous idea to take pics along the way to show my thought process:

Step 1
I’ve got an idea in my head to do a picture of them flying in a plane. He’s a pilot and they’re having a bit of a travelling honeymoon so I thought it’d be perfect.

So on the bus home from work I started looking for inspiration for plane shapes:


OK so maybe these are too detailed, let’s look at some cartoon planes…


That’s better.

Step 2
So I have a better idea of the shapes and it’s time to get some drawings down on paper:


Ok it’s not the most realistic looking plane but I only have 43×43 stitches to work with and I wanted to have a good amount of space for the people, although a major weakness of mine is faces as you will see below!

Step 3
So it’s time to start stitching. Of course I end up changing a few slight things along the way but its barely noticeable:


Step 4
So I finished the stitching and headed for my lace collection. Right from the start I had the idea of stitching lace onto the head of the bride to be the veil and add another dimension to the card so I was quite excited about this having not added lace before. After adding the lace I thought it needed some pearls as well so I added a few small beads to the top of the veil.
(I didn’t take a photo of this stage…oops sorry)

Step 5
I got the trusty boyfriend to mount the fabric into a ready made tri-fold aperture card:


I love the veil…I think it’s my favourite part and I will definitely be incorporating lace into future designs.

You can now see for proper my awful inability to across stitch faces for yourself!

So that’s it really, what are the stages in your projects?

Jessica x x x


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