You can take the girl out of the farm…

I grew up on an arable farm on the Lincolnshire/Yorkshire border and for as long as I can remember August has always been harvest time.

My dad would spend days in his combine harvester with my mum and various relatives being the tractor driver. It is a long standing joke that if you get caught behind my mum on a local steep hill you might as well take a diversion because you’ll get there quicker.

So last year I eventually moved out from home properly. Well I went to uni and returned after third year for the summer and then moved to Leeds to do my post grad course but I lived in a flat and my bank, driving licence etc remained at my parents address, or “home home” as I like to call it. So really in my head I officially moved into my own place when my boyfriend and I bought our own house and I’ve finally changed bank details!

So earlier this year I realised that something very familiar was growing in  my front garden…


Yep that’s wheat. I couldn’t believe it! My mum swears that my dad must’ve intentionally dropped some seed when he was helping us move in but he denies this.

Ever since I’ve been waiting for it to get ready for harvest. One thing I’ve realised that it definitely takes longer to be ready in the suburbs than it does in the countryside.

But it was finally ready:


Check it out!

Now I’m gutted because I had the most perfect idea…I wanted a toy combine harvester so I could take the best photo ever. Unfortunately I don’t have one. I emailed work and no-one had one. I was actually shocked, loads of them have children, maybe its a country thing but I remember we always had things like that.

So yes I’m having to resort to scissors now. Seriously, scissors, that’s barely worth a photo!

Its been very damp recently so I’m waiting a few more days for it to dry (fingers crossed) to harvest.

If anyone in the Leeds area has a you combine harvester PLEASE get in touch asap.

Jessica x x x


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