Handmade by…

So you probably know by now that I do a lot of my own card designs for friends and family, well I’ve been pondering for a while about getting a stamp for the back of the card

As usual Google was my first point of call, seriously what did people do before Google?

I became obsessed by a personalised wax seal stamp but unfortunately I couldn’t justify the price when I know for a fact that half the time I would be rushing to either finish the stitching, making up the card or actually giving the recipient the card.

I stumbled upon the English stamp company website and it was just what I wanted! A fully customisable stamp, different types of ink and some handy advice. If anyone is thinking about getting a stamp for whatever reason I would recommend them. The package arrived promptly and safely.

There was a huge amount of choice for ink colour and I decided to go for a charcoal which I thought would look nice against the cards I use and has a softer look than black but still looks classic. I toyed with the idea of a deep magenta or purple but thought I would get sick of it in no time.

Anyway, enough writing, I’m sure you all are demanding ‘well show us the stamp then!’ Well here you go:


I love it. It is a big bigger than I thought it would be but I think the proportions are great. I wouldn’t have wanted the writing to look squished.

Watch out for the next card, it may just have a cheeky rear shot!

Jessica x x x


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