Jack Vettriano cross stitch

I’m afraid this is another look at my archives…in this case here is a cross stitch design of the famous “singing butler” painting by Jack Vettriano.


It’s my own design and this is clear to see…the colours are off, the proportions of sand to sky are off (there is actually more sand but I miscalculated the frame size and so it is folded within the back of the frame), but I like that, it’s my take on the piece.

It was also my first attempt at a more intricate painting, its obviously a harder design than my earlier Picasso piece but I think they compliment each other nicely.

You can’t really see the size of the piece but its about 10 x 15cm. Its also stitched on the smallest Aida I have. I usually stitch on 14 count but bought a huge piece in a scrap bucket at a craft stall thinking that by eye it looked like my normal fabric. Wrong! Its a lot small which does work out handy when you’re doing an intricate design on small scale.

As you can see I love my shabby chic’d frames and you will see a few more instances during the course of this blog.

That’s all folks

Jessica x x x


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