My next week in meals

It’s that time of week where I’m ordering my online food shop. I’ve been doing this for a few years and I do love how easy it is! Recently I started making meal plans for the week.

I know a lot of people praise them for making you save money and cut waste but for me personally that’s never been the problem. For me I just get too used to making the same meals again and again so by having to sit down and think of 7 main meals it’s making me be more exciting with the meal choices.

So here they are:
Monday: chicken, chorizo and spicy bean stew
Tuesday: cauliflower rice Chinese style with fried egg (catchy name I know)
Wednesday: cauliflower (base) pizza
Thursday: courgetti with a tomato and mince sauce
Friday: lasagna made with leek sheets
Saturday: my famous chilli
Sunday: roast chicken with all the trimmings (well what I like anyway).

So that’s it really; I already know that early next week will consist of leftover chicken. I’m thinking chicken and mustard potato cakes and a chicken stew.

If anyone wants me to do a post on any of the meals just give me a shout out.

What are you planning to eat this week?

Jessica x x x


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