Popping out a baby

Not me don’t worry.

The boyfriend’s sister has just had a little baby girl who is utterly gorgeous. We had arranged to go see her over the weekend so I knew I had a time scale on making a card.

The previous new baby cards I’ve done have been very much stereotypically cross stitch designs but I’ve recently tried branching out and looking for more design lead designs (god I need a thesaurus).

I found this design on etsy via pinterest and love the idea of the Russian dolls but I wanted a more traditional design. When I was little I had a set of Russian dolls and so I googled them to see of I could find that design. Turns out it’s probably the most common design for Russian dolls but I like it.

So I drew something up and came out with this:


I was going to write “congratulations Isabelle” but then after I had stitched Isabelle I realised it sounded like I was congratulating the baby for being born which is a bit weird. So I changed the writing mid project (no big surprise there for me).  I think the writing now makes more sense.

And as promised….here’s my new stamp in action on the card:


The card went down well but was soon swallowed in the mass of new baby cards there. The card industry must make a fortune!

Hope you like my stamp!

Jessica x x x


2 thoughts on “Popping out a baby

  1. What a cute little design! I like taking different bits of designs and making my own too, much better than copying a full design. How do you plot your designs out of interest? Do you use a program or sketch by hand?


    • Thank you! I just use graph paper. If you check out my pose ” from start to finish- a cross stitch story” you can see an example of one of my paper patterns. You’ll probably see that I’m very relaxed about the patterns though unfortunately x


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