You can take the girl out of the farm part 2

Unfortunately no-one had a toy combine harvester at all….no-one! I was left to use a pair of boring kitchen scissors for my harvest and did so with a heavy heart.

Moving on I wondered what I could do with my wheat and as I was looking round my front garden I spotted the lavender bush. *bing* lightbulb moment.

I cut some lavender stalks and then thought hey why stop there and I hacked away at my conifer hedge. I bought a new vase from Next a while back which I haven’t had the pleasure of using yet (nudge boyfriend) and got to work placing the dry ingredients together. Here’s a close up:


The lightings not great unfortunately so you can’t see the purple as vividly as you can in real life.

Here’s a long shot:


I tried to remember what my mum always told me; foliage around the sides and put things in odd numbers. Hopefully I’ve followed her instructions.

I think the vase goes great with the whole look of it and because both the lavender and wheat are bone dry hopefully the arrangement will last a while, I can replace the foliage quite easily.

I do however have quite a few heads of wheat left over….does anyone have any idea what I can do with it? I kinda want to make my own flour but have literally no idea how I can do this? Any experts???

Jessica x x x


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