How I organise my threads

I am a bit obsessed by organisation of particular things. When I used to babysit when I was younger I found that they had a massive plastic box full of cards (pokemon, digimon, you know those things pre-teen boys like) and they were all just dumped in the box all mixed up! Heathens!!!

I spent a good couple of hours sorting those out while watching TV. Time well spent in my opinion.

So when I started cross stitching of course I had an organised system. I had looked on a few blogs and saw that people had cards with holes punched in and the threads threaded through. I tried this method for a while and kept them in a case.

After a while I realised although it was a good method I didn’t like how tangled the the threads could get. So I moved onto the bobbin method. I originally had one medium sized box, then moved on to having an extra 2 small boxes.

The other weekend I was in Homebase looking for house stuff when I saw this amazing big box which I thought would be perfect. Turns out it was perfect, all my threads fitted in together with having good sized boxes for accessories: cotton bobbins, scissors, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and my multiple needle books.


Apologies for the untidiness; I’m just in the middle of a large project which I’ll show once its finished.

As you can see I have chosen to organise them by colour rather than numbers. I don’t use bought patterns and I don’t buy DMC and anchor exclusively; there’s probably 5-6 different brands in there and for how I stitch I find it’s easier to organise by colour.

How do you like to organise yours?

Sorry this is a bit lengthy….gotta love me some organising.

Jessica x x x


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