The Persistence of Memory aka melting clocks

By Salvador Dali

This is my latest big project. I’ve always loved this painting (see the original here) and its hard to say why, its not the most aesthetically pleasing of paintings. There’s a lot of brown for a start and a somewhat decapitated horse.

It’s the melting clocks which have always struck me and judging by the amount of actual melted clocks you can buy on the high street and online it’s clear this painting has struck other people.

I like the idea that there are places where time is not important. I read somewhere that humans are the only animal to abide by time and as a consequence we are the only animals to be afraid of time running out.

Of course this painting was completed in 1931 and I can categorically say that I never met the chap so who am I to say what the painting represents. I am not going to be an English teacher about it (yes Shakespeare wrote that she wore a blue top….it doesn’t necessarily mean she was depressed, he might just like blue).

Here’s a photo of the finished piece framed and ready to go on my wall once it’s been decorated:


Obviously I chose the wrong colour for the lighter brown; a less harsh colour change would’ve worked better but the clocks are the main focus so I don’t really mind.

What do you think? Are there any paintings you just like and you can’t really say why?

Jessica x x x


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