Tartan stag

Oh my! I have been so unbelievably busy these last few weeks so apologies for my absence.

I’ve started a new job (and had to leave my old job with the most lovely people).

I’m also 60%ish of the way through a new big project, think of a fancy dog/lion. I will be posting my progress on instagram (here) so feel free to keep track of it there. I’ll blog when its finished with the stages of completion. I’ve made sure to take plenty of photos.

So while I’ve been busy with the new job and new project it suddenly dawned on me that I have 9 cards to be stitching for October/November! 9!!! And some of them have to be made for the same time due to joint birthdays.

Here’s the first one:


It’s for my half Scottish friend Jenna. I love how it’s turned out. I’ve had some trouble in the past with tartan so this made me really happy.

I had a few quiet weeks in my last job is took the time to do some arts and crafts in planning my multiple cards, here’s how I planned this card:


Sorry the cards not fully completed, I just haven’t had the time to bug the boyfriend into doing it. I’m sure he’ll do them about 10mins before I have to send the card!

I’ll keep you updated with the other cards as they appear.

What’s been your experience with tartan?

Jessica x x x


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