Totes hilare

As I mentioned in my tartan stag post I’ve got a shocking amount of birthday cards to be making over the last few weeks.

I’ve been making steady progress and thought I’d share my progress with you. These cards all have something in common…

Before you scroll down let me first apologise for the shocking quality of the photos- I really don’t like my new phone camera but I love the phone!


I saw  this card in a scribbler shop and I knew it was just perfect for one of my friends. It makes me giggle every time I see it.


This one originated from this cartoon I found online; I was looking for inspiration for the boyfriends sister’s birthday (she’s training to be a veterinary nurse) but saw this and fell in love. Again I just giggle out loud (gol?).

The miss sized writing on both came about through necessity from lack of space but I think it suits the oddity of the cartoons.


My friend Abby loves Dr Who and I thought she would find this as funny as I have. I found the original cartoon on pinterest but cant seem to find it right now I’m afraid. The dalek shape isn’t right but honestly I’d done too much by then and I couldn’t just pick it all out.

So as the title says…this post is definitely totes hilare.

Jessica x x x


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