What a winter warmer

I love it when the weather gets colder and you can just scoff comfort food without feeling guilty or too stodgy. This meal was perfect and satisfied that empty cold hole in my stomach after trudging through cold drizzly rain from the bus to get home.


The photo isn’t amazing (but when are mine?). It was really tasty though and at the end of the day that’s what matters.

Ingredients (serves 2)
4 good quality sausages. I used pork and apple for the sweetness
3/4 of a red cabbage
1 onion
Few mushrooms
Handful of spinach
Tablespoon of red jam (I used raspberry)
Splash of red wine vinegar
Drizzle of oil
Vegetable stock and water

1. Drizzle some oil into a large pan and fry the sausages until they’re browned on the outside. Don’t bother making sure they’re cooked all the way through, they’ll be cooking for a while.
If the pan dries up at all pour some hot water in to de-glaze the pan and get the juices up.

2. Meanwhile dice up the cabbage, onions and mushrooms. Throw into the pan with the sausages and stir.

3. Add the red wine vinegar and jam and stir to combine. You want the sausages and cabbage to be coated in a nice sticky substance. Leave for a few minutes.

4. Pour in the water and vegetable stock (I’d say about a mug’s worth) and leave to simmer. Go away and wash up or watch TV with a glass of wine. Check on it every so often and add more stock if the pan is looking too dry.  I left mine for about 20mins but I was REALLY hungry. To be honest it probably could’ve done with more time simmering but my hunger took over.

5. When you can take no more, stir in a handful of spinach and serve.

And there you go, a perfect wintery meal which doesn’t take that much time or effort but will satisfy that hole!

What’s your favourite wintery treat?

Jessica x x x


It’s a yes from me

A few weeks ago now my old boss turned 40 and had a big party to celebrate.

One of her favourite sayings is “it’s a yes from me” and one of her favourite drinks is gin. I saw a card online (I think it was paper chase) which said “gin…it’s a yes from me”

I saw the perfect opportunity and I took it. I found a tribal pattern online and used it as a template for the word gin and then customised it to say from Marie:


The bottom is a bit off centre because originally I was going to put “from me” but changed my mind literally as I was stitching the “m”. Oh well I’m not going to be that pedantic about it, the gin part is the important part.

I’m definitely into patterns at the moment, currently half way through doing a silhouette of a shitzu dog which is patterned rather than black, more to come on that later.

What’s your current favourite thing?

Jessica x x x

Sharpie art

I have recently got a friend hooked on pinterest which turned out to be a godsend for her recent birthday. A group of other friends clubbed together and bought her amongst other things; a pink neon crane and a donkeys head to put on the wall (think of a stag head you see on walls but instead put a grey velvet donkey head there).

I decided to go it alone on the present front and customised some cups and saucers I’d bought at a carboot for this very purpose. I’d seen that she had pinned some pictures of cups with abusive slogans on and I know you can bake sharpie pen onto pottery. I googled how to do it and thought why not give it a go. Here’s some of the finished pieces:


I baked them in my oven on the hottest temperature for about an hour. I’d put them on baking paper and the paper actually burnt. The boyfriend wasn’t loving the smokey house!

They look like they’re going to stay put and not wipe off when washing although the black sharpie did turn a bit brown.

Turns out one of my friends didn’t realise the birthday girl liked the abusive messages and thought I was just being mean! Charming!! Birthday girl loved them so it all turned out alright.

What’s your experience been with sharpie art?

Jessica x x x