Sharpie art

I have recently got a friend hooked on pinterest which turned out to be a godsend for her recent birthday. A group of other friends clubbed together and bought her amongst other things; a pink neon crane and a donkeys head to put on the wall (think of a stag head you see on walls but instead put a grey velvet donkey head there).

I decided to go it alone on the present front and customised some cups and saucers I’d bought at a carboot for this very purpose. I’d seen that she had pinned some pictures of cups with abusive slogans on and I know you can bake sharpie pen onto pottery. I googled how to do it and thought why not give it a go. Here’s some of the finished pieces:


I baked them in my oven on the hottest temperature for about an hour. I’d put them on baking paper and the paper actually burnt. The boyfriend wasn’t loving the smokey house!

They look like they’re going to stay put and not wipe off when washing although the black sharpie did turn a bit brown.

Turns out one of my friends didn’t realise the birthday girl liked the abusive messages and thought I was just being mean! Charming!! Birthday girl loved them so it all turned out alright.

What’s your experience been with sharpie art?

Jessica x x x


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