It’s a yes from me

A few weeks ago now my old boss turned 40 and had a big party to celebrate.

One of her favourite sayings is “it’s a yes from me” and one of her favourite drinks is gin. I saw a card online (I think it was paper chase) which said “gin…it’s a yes from me”

I saw the perfect opportunity and I took it. I found a tribal pattern online and used it as a template for the word gin and then customised it to say from Marie:


The bottom is a bit off centre because originally I was going to put “from me” but changed my mind literally as I was stitching the “m”. Oh well I’m not going to be that pedantic about it, the gin part is the important part.

I’m definitely into patterns at the moment, currently half way through doing a silhouette of a shitzu dog which is patterned rather than black, more to come on that later.

What’s your current favourite thing?

Jessica x x x


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