My Nanna’s Christmas present

Sorry for the huge delay since my last post, I’ve had an operation to have my wisdom teeth out, been so ill I managed to convince myself in have pneumonia (I didn’t) and have been massively busy with my new job. Annoyingly I have a few Christmas themed posts lined up so I hope you all aren’t christmassed out.

When I was younger (like 10 years old) whenever I went round to see my Nanna I would do some painting. Now I’ve never been really that artistic (don’t even get me started on not being selected to do art as a GCSE) but I think I’m alright at copying. So one day I really wanted to paint something but I didn’t know what. My Nanna has a set of two decorative plates on her kitchen wall so I picked one, painted a copy on paper, then cut it out and blue tacked it onto the plate.

It’s been there ever since, all 15 years(ish) and has survived a house move. We don’t even notice it any more but every so often someone does and my Nanna always likes telling people I painted it.

I always said that I would paint the second (slightly different) plate so she would have a matching pair but never got round to it.

Now I don’t know about you but I never know what to get my Nanna for Christmas, she never seems to want anything and then I had the brainwave, (bet you can guess where this is going) I could cross stitch the other plate.

I sneakily took a picture last time I was home….


Drew out a design….


And stitched it:


It turns out it’s the perfect size to go on top of the plate.

Together with a bottle of tiramasu flavoured baileys (thanks Marks and Spencer) she had a great present and was well happy.

Did any of you make any Christmas presents this year?

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and has a great new year.

Jessica x x x