New Year, New Home

It turns out the new year isn’t just about resolutions, two of my friends are moving onwards and upwards into new homes.

The first friend has just moved into a house with her fiancé and has been busy packing for days now. She grew up in a city and has moved the countryside and now feels at home with a big garden in the peace and quiet, because of this I designed this traditional card for her:


Sorry it hasn’t been ‘carded’ up yet.

Here’s a photo of the back!


Neat no?

My other friend has just bought a flat in the big city of London! She grew up in the same small village as me but has taken to big city living like a duck to water so I took a very different approach when I was designing her card


Big Ben is my fave. I will give anyone 10 cool points if they can correctly identify the two buildings to the left.

Jessica x x x


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