Picasso embroidery

As you can probably tell there’s two things I like doing:
1. Making cards for friends’ birthdays; and
2. Cross stitching

HOWEVER…the plot thickens…

A few months ago I was having a girls night in at a friends house and noticed that she had some picasso sketches up on her wall. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s time to make her a birthday card; I thought ‘what does laura like’, my mind flashed back to those sketches and my cunning plan was formed.

Due to the size of my cards I realised cross stitching wasn’t going to be a viable option so I turned to embroidery, something which I am not particularly au fait with but I gave it a shot.

I used some white cotton I had previously stained with tea, drew on a faint outline and threaded the needle:


Here’s what it’s supposed to look like.

Now of course I didn’t stick to the outline…who do you think I am? And I didn’t use a hoop, honestly they drive me crazy! Unfortunately because I held it in my hand the fabric buckled as you can tell. I just made out that it was supposed to and it seemed to work.

What’s been your experience with embroidery?

Jessica x x x


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