It’s a Mario!

The boyfriend loves his games and for our anniversary I thought what better a time than to put my recent love for stitching cartoons to use. I googled some pictures of the retro video game super Mario (incidentally one of the games I like) and put together a design.

Here’s some pictures:




Me favourite bits are the cloud and the plant! The proportions are probably well off but where would the fun and homemade style be if it were perfect?

I wrote something very cheesy in it like ‘you won my heart years ago’. It made him laugh and it makes me smile. It’s still up on our bookcase 1 month later.

It was my birthday on Friday and he actually decides to reciprocate and stitch me a card for once:


I think he got the pattern off Google images and unfortunately he wouldn’t show me so I can’t give credit. Please let me know if you know whose it is.

Don’t tell him but I’m a bit annoyed at how well it turned out, it’s his first (and last) go at making one. OK so some of the stitching changes direction but you can barely tell. I think he can stick to his programming thank you very much!

Has anyone else’s partner had a go at your favourite hobby? Did you secretly hate them as well?

Jessica x x x


10 thoughts on “It’s a Mario!

  1. Oh wow, he did really well. Jan has never tried cross stitching, but I suspect if he did he would instantly be better than me! I hope he sticks to his own hobbies 😉

    Your card is amazing too though. I love the plant!

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  2. I love this! I am also very impressed with your boyfriends attempt, when mine gets home he’ll be seeing this post & given a few strong hints about what I want for my Birthday now haha!
    I have always wanted to make my own cross stitch design & never been brave enough! You have certainly given me food for thought about braving it soon- Well done again!!

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  3. Awe, what a sweet gesture that he took up your hobby to make something for you! My hubby says that cross stitching is far too finicky so I have no fear of him trying it out and doing better than me… ha ha.


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