Better late than never

So here in England it was mothers day a few weeks ago. My parents went away for the weekend so I just sent her a card to arrive when she returned. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I popped it into the envelope…idiot.

Bit of a back story, my mum really is the quintessential mother hen and I grew up on a farm with an orchard full of chickens. I also have two brothers so I gave two of the little chicks blue collars and the last one a pink collar.

I went home last night for a dentist appointment today (my dentist still thinks I live at home, I just can’t bear to change dentists) so I finally got the chance to take a photo of it. Apparently my brother can’t understand simple requests. Here it is:


While I was there I also got to see the new little puppies!!




They’re little springer spaniels; the mum is brown and white and the dad is black and white and they’re all completely adorable!

My mum names all her dogs with names that start in ‘B’, any ideas?

Jessica x x x


4 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. If there is a puppy with particularly log legs how about “Brinkley”? (As in Christie Brinkley the long legged model.)

    Love the Mother Hen card, I’m hoping to do an Iris one for my Mom in May.

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