Gin tasting @ lazy lounge, Leeds

When I left my last job back in OCTOBER one of my presents was a gin and cake tasting for two. I finally got round to booking it for me and the boyfriend and had it earlier in the week as a continuation of my birthday weekend. It’s based at the Lazy Lounge in Leeds and I think its ¬£20 per person.

We walked round after work, it’s based in Leeds city centre, just off wellington street and as we arrived half an hour early, we settled down with a glass of their house white. I’ve had it before and it’s well worth it as house wines go. As we were ordering I was a bit peckish and saw some snacking ham. What’s that you ask? I had to find out…


Turns out it’s cured ham in a packet and it’s a tasty alternative to the usual crisps. I was a bit peppery for my liking but that didn’t stop me shovelling into my mouth.

Turning to the important bit…the gin. We were seated at a grand piano which had been turned into a table and which was covered in gin, cake and sandwiches:


The guy (unfortunately I didn’t catch his name) was AMAZING and definitely knew his stuff. He took us on a tour from gineva to the modern day Gin and along the way learnt how some of the phrases we use to this day evolved via the popularity of gin. For instance “dutch courage” and “quack” in reference to a bit of a dodgy doctor.

It was so interesting to learn about the evolution of gin; tasting the first type was a revelation, and not the good kind!

The sandwiches and gin and tonic cake were both delicious and well needed. We drunk a lot of gin so needed the carbs.

I think my favourite gin was one which was made out of potatoes which is so ironic because I grew up on a potato farm!


So if anyone wants to buy me some of this I am not going to refuse!

Pop down to lazy lounge, you won’t be sorry and its a fabulous night out.

Jessica x x x


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