Hungover cross stitching

This post is definitely what it says on the tin.

I went out for a few drinks with work friends after work. A few drinks soon turned into quite a few and rolling home in the early hours. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I had plans to go to my friend’s house the next day for a birthday/housewarming party.

Fast forward to 8.30am the next morning and I realise that I haven’t made her birthday card. I had made her a housewarming card when she first moved in:


But I had totally somehow forgot that it was mainly her birthday I was going for.
So it’s 9am by this point and just because I haven’t got enough on my plate I think I have to make everyone a string egg filled with chocolate eggs (6 of us were going to be there!) Here’s a picture of what I was aiming for. To cut a long story short I spent a good 2 hours making them and and it turns out you do have to wait for it to dry over night. I popped the balloon a few hours later and it completely collapsed. However the ones I gave up on were perfect the next day:


So by this time it’s 11am, I’m due to be picked up at 3pm and I haven’t made her card!

Now usually I do like making my own designs for cards, you’ll see some of my past designs on my blog. I’ve already made 2 previous personalised cards for her so this one would take some serious thought, but by this time I didn’t have time and my head was pounding. So instead I found a cute design by Paperchase and adapted it to cross stitch:


I think I started stitching around 12pm and finished around 2.15 which makes it my quickest stitch ever!!

I wrote in it “have a foxtastic birthday” which people didn’t seem to get but I found it hilarious! That might have been the leftover gin and wine swirling around my system but whatever.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with stitching to a deadline.

Jessica x x x


I’m all tapas’d out

I am stuffed! I literally could not eat another mouthfull! OK give me a few moments and I’m sure I could try and swallow a few more morsals.

I started the day wanting croquettes, I finished the day having made a tapas feast:


So that would be:
– spicy cheese croquettes
– cheese croquettes
– potatoes bravas
– garlic mushrooms
– marinated anchovies

Ok so all I did with the anchovies was put them on a plate in a pretty pattern but I made the rest as follows:

Take 3 potatoes, peel, chop and place in salted boiling water. Boil until tender. Put the potatoes through a ricer to make the smoothest mash you will ever have. Combine with a spoonful of butter. Split the mixture in half.

Mix a handful of grated mexicana cheese to one half and a handful of mature chedder to the other. Combine and roll into sausage patties.

Roll in flour, dip in milk and roll in breadcrumbs. Place on a baking tray and bake for 20-25 mins in a preheated oven.

Ta daaaa

Potato bravas
Take 3 potatoes, peel chop and boil in salted water until tender. Preheat some oil in a baking tray in the oven, toss in the drained potato chunks and fully coat the potato in oil. Crack over some salt.
Bake in the over for 30-40 mins turning often.

Meanwhile make the sauce. I chopped up 3 tomatoes, smashed 2 garlic cloves and placed on a low heat in a frying pan. Added a sprinkle of chilli flakes, smoked paprika, paprika and oregano. Stirred in a tablespoon of tomato puree and about half a cup of water. Simmered gently until it reached the desired consistency.

Take out the potatoes, pour over the sauce and voila!

Chorizo in cider

Well this was easier than making my accompanying gin and tonic!

Chop up the desired amount of chorizo, pop in a pan with roughly chopped red onion and 2 smashed garlic cloves. Pour over a bottle of cider, bring to the boil then turn down the heat and let simmer for 30-40 mins.

Pour into a fancy bowl and then make out you’ve been slaving over a hot stove for hours!

Garlic mushrooms
3 steps:
1- chop up mushrooms
2- melt garlic butter in a pan
3- put the mushrooms in with the garlic, and keep turning them while on the heat to ensure fully coated with butter

Here’s a close up of my plate full to the brim:


Delicious! Definitely going to do this again, let me know if you have any other tapas recipes I can try!

Jessica x x x

Chocolate isn’t necessarily the best part of Easter

Crafting is of course….closely followed by chocolate!

I’ve had a few crafty days for Easter, well any excuse really for a good crafting session. I can easily whittle away a good few hours with some needles, thread and felt.

Here’s a few snapshots:





The little chick in the broken egg is my favourite. I stitched in a feather when stitching the white to the yellow. You can’t probably see it very well as my camera on my phone was having a particularly bad day!

Which one is your fave? What crafts have you done for easter?

Happy Easter everyone

Jessica x x x