Hungover cross stitching

This post is definitely what it says on the tin.

I went out for a few drinks with work friends after work. A few drinks soon turned into quite a few and rolling home in the early hours. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem but I had plans to go to my friend’s house the next day for a birthday/housewarming party.

Fast forward to 8.30am the next morning and I realise that I haven’t made her birthday card. I had made her a housewarming card when she first moved in:


But I had totally somehow forgot that it was mainly her birthday I was going for.
So it’s 9am by this point and just because I haven’t got enough on my plate I think I have to make everyone a string egg filled with chocolate eggs (6 of us were going to be there!) Here’s a picture of what I was aiming for. To cut a long story short I spent a good 2 hours making them and and it turns out you do have to wait for it to dry over night. I popped the balloon a few hours later and it completely collapsed. However the ones I gave up on were perfect the next day:


So by this time it’s 11am, I’m due to be picked up at 3pm and I haven’t made her card!

Now usually I do like making my own designs for cards, you’ll see some of my past designs on my blog. I’ve already made 2 previous personalised cards for her so this one would take some serious thought, but by this time I didn’t have time and my head was pounding. So instead I found a cute design by Paperchase and adapted it to cross stitch:


I think I started stitching around 12pm and finished around 2.15 which makes it my quickest stitch ever!!

I wrote in it “have a foxtastic birthday” which people didn’t seem to get but I found it hilarious! That might have been the leftover gin and wine swirling around my system but whatever.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with stitching to a deadline.

Jessica x x x


2 thoughts on “Hungover cross stitching

  1. That’s an impressive finish time. I think my PB is finishing the afghan blanket I did for Penelope. We were due to meet our friends at 4pm, I finished P’s blanket at 3.35pm. Phew!

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