Better late than never

So here in England it was mothers day a few weeks ago. My parents went away for the weekend so I just sent her a card to arrive when she returned. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before I popped it into the envelope…idiot.

Bit of a back story, my mum really is the quintessential mother hen and I grew up on a farm with an orchard full of chickens. I also have two brothers so I gave two of the little chicks blue collars and the last one a pink collar.

I went home last night for a dentist appointment today (my dentist still thinks I live at home, I just can’t bear to change dentists) so I finally got the chance to take a photo of it. Apparently my brother can’t understand simple requests. Here it is:


While I was there I also got to see the new little puppies!!




They’re little springer spaniels; the mum is brown and white and the dad is black and white and they’re all completely adorable!

My mum names all her dogs with names that start in ‘B’, any ideas?

Jessica x x x


Picasso embroidery

As you can probably tell there’s two things I like doing:
1. Making cards for friends’ birthdays; and
2. Cross stitching

HOWEVER…the plot thickens…

A few months ago I was having a girls night in at a friends house and noticed that she had some picasso sketches up on her wall. Fast forward a few weeks and it’s time to make her a birthday card; I thought ‘what does laura like’, my mind flashed back to those sketches and my cunning plan was formed.

Due to the size of my cards I realised cross stitching wasn’t going to be a viable option so I turned to embroidery, something which I am not particularly au fait with but I gave it a shot.

I used some white cotton I had previously stained with tea, drew on a faint outline and threaded the needle:


Here’s what it’s supposed to look like.

Now of course I didn’t stick to the outline…who do you think I am? And I didn’t use a hoop, honestly they drive me crazy! Unfortunately because I held it in my hand the fabric buckled as you can tell. I just made out that it was supposed to and it seemed to work.

What’s been your experience with embroidery?

Jessica x x x

An overdue update

Wow! It has been a while since my last update, and I know so many of you will have been sitting on the edge of your seats just waiting, praying that I will post again. Well the time to be afraid is over I am pleased to announce, and I thought I would give you a quick update on what has been going on:

1. The job! So I alluded to having a new job a few months ago…well it’s been going really well. Currently I’m a paralegal in a law firm in Leeds but I have recently been told that I will be a trainee solicitor in June/July all being well.

I don’t think I can explain how happy I am about this; I did my degree, my postgrad, worked for two and a half years with the most amazing people but for a firm which made me feel bad and like I wanted to give up on law, then I get a new job and it seems like in no time they believe in me and what to help me progress my career.

So this is what’s been keeping me busy recently. We’ve been really busy lately and I’ve been working a few late nights (well late for me anyway)

2. I accidentally bought bags of carrots again instead of singular ones. This time it was 3!

3. I’m having a root canal tomorrow! Yes horrific I know!

4. Me and the boyfriend are finally getting somewhere with the house. The living room is almost finished; the skirting boards and doors just need a further paint and we need to buy a new settee/sofa. Oh and then there’s just the dining room, hall, master bedroom and 2 small bedrooms to worry about. Oh the joy of having to re-wire a house!

5. I finally got round to updating my pinterest board tonight. I haven’t been on it since before Christmas to post my creations and it got to that point where I knew there was a lot to do and I just couldn’t face it (a bit like logging back onto here and realising it’s been nearly a month since my last post) check out my pinterest board!

6. I have found my new favourite wine- Riesling. There is a simply version at tesco which is simply divine (haha) and at under £5 a bottle an absolute steal!

7. I seem to have done little cross stitching recently. The last project was for a new baby of my mum’s pen pal’s granddaughter. I was so annoyed, I had to unpick the name because the lady decided to change the spelling of the name when it was registered. Luckily I don’t think you could tell after and I made sure to stab the middle of the squares with my needle to equal out the bigger holes where the threads had been. I totally forgot to take a picture of the finished piece so I’m afraid you’re going to have to cope with this very brief snapshot:


Yes that is a maple leaf in the top left hand corner!

I think that’s it really, I don’t lead a thrilling life I’m afraid but I like it.

Hope you’re all as happy as me right now.

Jessica x x x

He lives in a pineapple under the sea


If you’re a follower of my instagram you’ll have seen my recent posts on spongebob. A couple of friends had a joint birthday party this week. One of them always used to love spongebob squarepants and even thought about getting a tattoo in honour of the little sea sponge.

In honour of her I thought that this would make a great subject matter for a card. Here’s a few photos of the progress:





Spongebob seems to like it and I hope you do too!

Jessica x x x

New Year, New Home

It turns out the new year isn’t just about resolutions, two of my friends are moving onwards and upwards into new homes.

The first friend has just moved into a house with her fiancé and has been busy packing for days now. She grew up in a city and has moved the countryside and now feels at home with a big garden in the peace and quiet, because of this I designed this traditional card for her:


Sorry it hasn’t been ‘carded’ up yet.

Here’s a photo of the back!


Neat no?

My other friend has just bought a flat in the big city of London! She grew up in the same small village as me but has taken to big city living like a duck to water so I took a very different approach when I was designing her card


Big Ben is my fave. I will give anyone 10 cool points if they can correctly identify the two buildings to the left.

Jessica x x x

It’s not over till the fat lady sings (christmas that is)

Sorry boys and girls, I know it’s a bit late but I’ve got a few Christmas themed posts coming up…this being the first.

I started making these cards before my mammoth November card making session then totally forgot about them until the 23rd December when I had to pack to go to the boyfriend’s family’s house for Christmas, that was a hurried night.

Here’s a few pictures:







I stitched the tartan noel before the tartan stag (see my earlier post on that) and I didn’t like the tartan on this one. Naively I thought this one would be easiest- WRONG!

I think giving handmade cards add that extra little something and hopefully people appreciate just how much effort goes into them. It also keeps me busy so it’s not an entirely selfless act.

I’d love to see some of your cards.

Jessica x x x

It’s a yes from me

A few weeks ago now my old boss turned 40 and had a big party to celebrate.

One of her favourite sayings is “it’s a yes from me” and one of her favourite drinks is gin. I saw a card online (I think it was paper chase) which said “gin…it’s a yes from me”

I saw the perfect opportunity and I took it. I found a tribal pattern online and used it as a template for the word gin and then customised it to say from Marie:


The bottom is a bit off centre because originally I was going to put “from me” but changed my mind literally as I was stitching the “m”. Oh well I’m not going to be that pedantic about it, the gin part is the important part.

I’m definitely into patterns at the moment, currently half way through doing a silhouette of a shitzu dog which is patterned rather than black, more to come on that later.

What’s your current favourite thing?

Jessica x x x

Sharpie art

I have recently got a friend hooked on pinterest which turned out to be a godsend for her recent birthday. A group of other friends clubbed together and bought her amongst other things; a pink neon crane and a donkeys head to put on the wall (think of a stag head you see on walls but instead put a grey velvet donkey head there).

I decided to go it alone on the present front and customised some cups and saucers I’d bought at a carboot for this very purpose. I’d seen that she had pinned some pictures of cups with abusive slogans on and I know you can bake sharpie pen onto pottery. I googled how to do it and thought why not give it a go. Here’s some of the finished pieces:


I baked them in my oven on the hottest temperature for about an hour. I’d put them on baking paper and the paper actually burnt. The boyfriend wasn’t loving the smokey house!

They look like they’re going to stay put and not wipe off when washing although the black sharpie did turn a bit brown.

Turns out one of my friends didn’t realise the birthday girl liked the abusive messages and thought I was just being mean! Charming!! Birthday girl loved them so it all turned out alright.

What’s your experience been with sharpie art?

Jessica x x x

Totes hilare

As I mentioned in my tartan stag post I’ve got a shocking amount of birthday cards to be making over the last few weeks.

I’ve been making steady progress and thought I’d share my progress with you. These cards all have something in common…

Before you scroll down let me first apologise for the shocking quality of the photos- I really don’t like my new phone camera but I love the phone!


I saw  this card in a scribbler shop and I knew it was just perfect for one of my friends. It makes me giggle every time I see it.


This one originated from this cartoon I found online; I was looking for inspiration for the boyfriends sister’s birthday (she’s training to be a veterinary nurse) but saw this and fell in love. Again I just giggle out loud (gol?).

The miss sized writing on both came about through necessity from lack of space but I think it suits the oddity of the cartoons.


My friend Abby loves Dr Who and I thought she would find this as funny as I have. I found the original cartoon on pinterest but cant seem to find it right now I’m afraid. The dalek shape isn’t right but honestly I’d done too much by then and I couldn’t just pick it all out.

So as the title says…this post is definitely totes hilare.

Jessica x x x

Tartan stag

Oh my! I have been so unbelievably busy these last few weeks so apologies for my absence.

I’ve started a new job (and had to leave my old job with the most lovely people).

I’m also 60%ish of the way through a new big project, think of a fancy dog/lion. I will be posting my progress on instagram (here) so feel free to keep track of it there. I’ll blog when its finished with the stages of completion. I’ve made sure to take plenty of photos.

So while I’ve been busy with the new job and new project it suddenly dawned on me that I have 9 cards to be stitching for October/November! 9!!! And some of them have to be made for the same time due to joint birthdays.

Here’s the first one:


It’s for my half Scottish friend Jenna. I love how it’s turned out. I’ve had some trouble in the past with tartan so this made me really happy.

I had a few quiet weeks in my last job is took the time to do some arts and crafts in planning my multiple cards, here’s how I planned this card:


Sorry the cards not fully completed, I just haven’t had the time to bug the boyfriend into doing it. I’m sure he’ll do them about 10mins before I have to send the card!

I’ll keep you updated with the other cards as they appear.

What’s been your experience with tartan?

Jessica x x x